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The textile industry needs reform

The traditional textile industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters and consumers of natural resources. For example, ordinary cotton production consumes a huge amount of water in addition to pollution, and the amount of water used to make one College alone meets an average person’s drinking water needs over a 6-year period. Kloffa Clothing, for example, solves this problem, as the manufacture of our products does not require the cultivation of cotton, but we use existing materials as the main raw material.


Logo clothing and accessories made in accordance with the circular economy for the needs of companies, students and communities.


The use of recycled materials in the manufacture of clothing is proven to be the most ecological option.


Our operations are based on replacing the linear production method with circular economy methods.

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1. Go to your community store with a link

You can access your community's own store via a link sent to you. If you have not yet received a link to your community store, please contact your community, such as a school or club.

2. Order the products you want from your community store

Select the products you want, add them to the cart and go to checkout. Also, be sure to look at the correct size of the products.

3. The ordered products will be delivered

We will then print the products of your choice with your community logo or illustration and deliver the entire order to the address chosen by your contact person. Your community contact will notify you when products are available for pickup. In some cases, the products will be delivered directly to your address.


Logo clothing made from recycled materials with printing or embroidery

Kloffa Clothing serves the needs of both you and the environment. You will find the most ecological solutions for both large and small needs. Even if you do not find a suitable product on our website, please still contact us. If necessary, our expert staff looks for solutions to even the most challenging situations.


We help companies stand out regardless of size and industry. Corporate textiles made from recycled materials are a concrete way to demonstrate values and represent the company in a truly responsible way.


Concern for the environment affects both college students and high school students. That is why we want to offer students the opportunity to take concrete action for a better future.


Whether you are a representative of an organization, association, hobby club or any other group, our truly ecological service is suitable for the needs and projects of associations of all sizes.


The needs of sports clubs are diverse and quality is an important criterion. We respond to this by offering a wide range of quality sportswear and fan products with labels.


Logo products for both large and small needs
The full service package makes ordering effortless
If necessary, we help you choose the right design and design the logo
Represent style and at the same time save nature
Proven to be the most ecological solutions for clothing
Products made from recycled material separate from the pulp

Take immediate effect

By choosing this' Klaimet 100% plastic and textile waste sweatshirt instead of a regular cotton shirt, you will save, for example:

Liters of water
Grams of CO2
kWh of energy

Did you know, for example, that 5,000 liters of water equals the amount of drinking water a person spends over 6 years? The use of recycled materials is a direct way to make an impact.